Committed to safe and secure warehouse operations

Date Added: 30 August 2022

Committed to safe and secure warehouse operations

With our comprehensive array of logistics and distribution centres across the UK, we were drawn to some interesting advisory documents being produced by TT Club.

The TT Club is producing posters as part of its TT Briefs series designed at improving safety at cargo storage facilities and will be of much use to Davies Turner at our existing hubs, as well as providing guidance for the work we are now undertaking on the development of a recently acquired site in the English Midlands, where we are building a 140,000 sq ft multi-user logistics hub

The TT Briefs series is designed to convey risk management advice succinctly, in easily digestible form for operators to download and use both in the workplace and throughout their organisations.

The warehouse series addresses five crucial topics: choosing a storage warehouse; operating a safe warehouse; mitigating flood risk; preventing warehouse fires; and operating a secure warehouse.

Whether located in port areas or inland, warehouses are a fundamental component of the global supply chain and arguably, they have become increasingly important nodes, as just in time supply chain models are being adjusted with a more conservative approach to longer-term inventory storage.

Working with our clients, Davies Turner is keen to increase awareness and address all key risks, and guide our staff in the prevention of incidents.

The series of posters can be seen here:

Meanwhile, work is progressing well at our new site in Atherstone, and whilst the specification of the building has yet to be finalised, it will feature a high bay fully racked area, with a top location level of 17 m and eaves height of 15 m, suitable for VNA forklift operations.

We aim to have the new facility open in Spring 2023, so get in touch now if you are looking for a contract logistics hub in the Midlands and want to influence the specification of our new facility.

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