Further disruption in China

Date Added: 12 August 2021

With our broad range of global ocean freight forwarding and logistics services, we note reports in the international trade media that Covid-19 variant outbreaks in major manufacturing hubs in China are leading to increasing delays in the trade lanes that connect the country to markets across the world, further threatening global supply chains.

With our strong presence in the China-UK ocean freight market, we also note that in most major trade lanes connecting China to the rest of the world, the reports highlight significant year-over-year increases in vessel and shipment delay times and along many critical routes, multi-day delays remain high, or are even rising in the face of recent outbreaks of the Covid-19 variant in south west China.

The reports add that in regards to traffic between China and Europe the average delay has increased from 0.51 days in July 2020 to 2.18 days in July 2021, although they are much greater between high volume port pairs with shipments between Shanghai and Hamburg seeing delays of 8.44 days, for example.

With ships remaining delayed and a rise in Covid-19 variant outbreaks in major Chinese manufacturing hubs, there may be far-reaching consequences as we approach Black Friday and holiday shopping seasons, and the variation in delay times between months and routes makes it challenging to manage supply chains.

To further add to the turmoil, it has been reported that Meidong terminal in Ningbo has been forced to halt operations following a dock worker testing positive for coronavirus, sparking fears of a similar situation to the recent Yantian crisis, where operations were halted for more than a month.

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