German cabinet passes new toll legislation

Date Added: 6 June 2018

On 15 May, the German Federal Cabinet passed the proposal on the fifth Federal Road Toll Act (Bundesfernstraßenmautgesetz) by Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. There will be a serious increase in the HGV tolls starting 1st January 2019.

Davies Turner reports that the differentiation of toll rates will be based on the maximum permissible weight, as well as the number of axles for vehicles surpassing the weight of 18 tons. The income from toll rates is expected to amount to €7.2 billion, which shall be divided upon all regions of Germany. Regarding the adaptation of tariffs, Minister Scheuer argued that it would lead to fairer tariffs, by imposing higher tolls on heavier vehicles that have a greater impact on the highways. The yearly increase of toll income resulting from the extension of the toll roads and the adaptation of toll rates is expected to amount to €2.5 billion.

The transport and logistics industry has expressed serious concerns about the rise in toll rates in connection with the extension of the toll roads in Germany. These would result in heavy burdens for the transport industry, eventually leading to increases in prices which would be passed on to the customer. As reported earlier this year by CLECAT, this double cost increase will have a significant impact on freight - and consumer prices.

Courtesy BIFA

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