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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) update - Road 16th March 2020

Date Added: 16 March 2020

As we start the new week we, like you, find ourselves in a dynamic and quickly changing situation. We are ready to face the...

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) update

Brexit - update (Monday, 25th March 2019)

Date Added: 25 March 2019

Developments concerning Brexit are changing daily, and it seems there are more options on the table than ever before, including...

Brexit Latest

BREXIT - The clock is ticking

Date Added: 21 March 2019

BREXIT - in the event of a no deal Due to the ongoing uncertainty and with the 29th March fast approaching, we are being...

Brexit - The clock is ticking

Record time for China Rail

Date Added: 14 March 2019

While storm Gareth has been causing havoc this week closing the ports and delaying our ocean freight cargo, the Express China...

Record Time

TSP - Transitional Simplified Procedures (Update September 2019)

Date Added: 1 March 2019

TSP was announced at the beginning of February, in time for the first proposed Brexit date. Transitional Simplified Procedures is...

Transitional Simplified Procedures

BREXIT - Are you ready?

Date Added: 16 January 2019

Speculation on the consequences and outcome of Brexit negotiations has reached a critical point but remains unclear. In the...

Brexit - Are you ready?

Brexit Update - December 2018

Date Added: 4 December 2018

On writing this article Parliament’s Meaningful Vote on Theresa May’s deal with the EU is set for December 11th...

Brexit Update - December 2018

Q4 The Perfect Storm

Date Added: 14 November 2018

As we near the end of 2018 there is a great deal to reflect upon and our minds are drawn to the challenges that the shipping...

Q4 The Perfect Storm

Brexit update - October 2018

Date Added: 22 October 2018

The latest news concerning Brexit and what Davies Turner are doing to be 'Brexit Ready'. We also provide advice on what...

#BREXIT update - October 2018

Brexit - Potential Implications and Planning

Date Added: 10 August 2018

As we are all aware, there continues to be a considerable degree of uncertainty in respect of the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

Brexit - Potential Implications and Planning

#BREXIT - update July 2018

Date Added: 2 July 2018

We are now two years on from the result of the EU referendum. The impact of Brexit on business and the workforce is a primary...

Brexit - July 2018

Ocean Q3 Update

Date Added: 2 July 2018

As we approach Q3 2018 shipping lines are looking to mitigate the significant losses the industry has made during the first half...

Ocean Q3 Update

Training and development scheme 2018

Date Added: 12 June 2018

We are recruiting at all of our branches throughout the UK for our 2018 apprenticeship scheme. If you are graduating this summer,...

Apprentices 2018

Navigating the FCL market

Date Added: 4 May 2018

Container shipping can be a complex business. Working consultatively with our customers to improve their supply chain is a...

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Up to 250 Jobs created in Central Park - Bristol

Date Added: 3 May 2018

Davies Turner & Co Ltd started building their latest logistics centre last February. Located at Central Park in Severn Beach,...

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Central Park Press Release

Date Added: 3 May 2018

Davies Turner & Co Ltd started building their latest logistics centre last February. Located at Central Park in Severn Beach,...

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BREXIT uncertainty

Date Added: 2 May 2018

With one year to go until the UK leaves the European Union (EU) the final details of Brexit are starting to unravel. A high level...

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