Report reveals warehouses could double UK’s solar capacity and save billions

Date Added: 14 September 2022

Report reveals warehouses could double UK’s solar capacity and save billions

With our comprehensive array of logistics and distribution centres across the UK, we were very interested in an independent research report, commissioned by the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) and produced by specialist consultancy Delta Energy & Environment (Delta-EE), that has shown huge potential benefits for the UK, and for the warehousing & logistics sector, of installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on the nation’s warehouse rooftops.

The report states that as the warehousing sector possesses approximately a third of all commercial roof space, it has the potential to double UK’s solar PV capacity, which means the warehousing sector alone could deliver the entire UK requirement for 2030 forecast by the National Grid future energy scenarios (FES).

According to the report, UK warehousing has the roof space for up to 15GW of new solar power, which could:

•Double UK’s solar capacity

•Reduce carbon emissions by 2 million tonnes/year

•Cut warehousing electricity costs from between 40-80%

•Save the warehousing sector £3bn/year

•Provide a more secure power supply

•Enable the sector to become a net producer of green electricity

Laurence Robinson, Senior Analyst at Delta-EE and co-author of the report, says, “Rooftop solar PV in warehousing can play a significant role in delivering local renewable energy, particularly in urban areas where limited alternative options are available due to land and planning constraints.

“The UK’s 20% largest warehouses can provide 75million square metres of roof space, avoiding the need to develop new land equivalent to the footprint of 500,000 houses.”

Commenting on the report, Chief Executive of UKWA Clare Bottle said, “As energy costs continue to rise, it is essential that we seize this opportunity to potentially double UK’s solar PV capacity and massively reduce electricity costs for businesses in this vital sector. The current crisis in Ukraine has underlined the necessity for a more secure power supply for the UK and adopting solar PV across the country clearly supports the journey towards the government’s 2050 net zero targets.

“UKWA is calling on the government to support the sector in embracing solar PV as it transitions to electrification with transport fleets, forklifts and other mechanical handling equipment (MHE), automation and robotics, all of which will drive up requirement for low-cost, sustainable electricity.”

With work progressing well at our latest logistics hub in Atherstone, we believe the case for solar PV on warehouse rooftops is overwhelming, for the sector and for the UK and they will be incorporated on some of the roof space at the new building.
We aim to have the new facility open in Spring 2023, so get in touch now if you are looking for a contract logistics hub in the Midlands and want to influence the specification of our new facility.

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