Rising fuel prices affect Ocean surcharges

Date Added: 30 May 2018

With a sharp rise in fuel prices we are now seeing Shipping Lines impose an Emergency Bunker Surcharge (EBS) with levels currently ranging between $50-$60 per TEU. For non-FMC trades the charge will come into force on 1st June and for FMC trades a month later on 1st July. This affects both east and westbound trades. Additionally, Lines are also looking to increase their fuel surcharge for haulage to keep pace with the rising fuel costs.

Currently, the Lines that have confirmed they will be implementing a surcharge are as follows:
APL / CMA / Hamburg Sud / Maersk / MSC / Safmarine.

It should be noted that Maersk and Safmarine have excluded China Westbound trade from the EBS surcharge, but have instead imposed a Peak Season Surcharge at the same levels from this region.

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