Supply chains are never returning to ‘normal’

Date Added: 25 May 2022

Supply chains are never returning to ‘normal’

With our portfolio of supply chain management services, the Davies Turner Group was interested to read the thoughts of Craig Fuller, CEO of the FreightWaves information portal, commenting on that state of flux in which global supply chains currently find themselves.

Fuller says that the conventional wisdom at this time is that most of the world has moved on from the pandemic (except for China); therefore, supply chains will return to “normal.”

But he doesn’t think that this is the case as the world has permanently changed and supply chains are going to face continuing challenges for decades to come.

Among the challenges identified by Fuller are the need to overcome the conflict between environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and supply chains optimised for cost and speed.

He believes supply chain technology will become the big venture capital category winner as companies continue to make investments in technologies that can help them mitigate their supply chain challenges.
Fuller also addresses such issues as labour shortages, automation including robotics, near shoring, tightening supplies, higher energy costs, heightened geopolitical risk, warehouse automation, and strained transportation networks, as well as supply chain market intelligence systems.

The full article can be read here:

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