Targeting road transport crime and security

Date Added: 12 October 2021

As a major provider of European overland trailer services, Davies Turner welcomes the introduction of European Commission’s EU Safe & Secure Truck Parking Areas Standard as another important step towards improving driver safety and reducing cargo crime in Europe.

The lack of secure parking places now represents the biggest threat to the safety and security of drivers, trucks and cargoes in Europe. The EU is now on track to approve the new SSTPA into EU Law through a Delegated Act in the remit of the EU Driving and Rest Time rules, part of the Commission’s Mobility Package 1.

Davies Turner believes that the move represents a welcome addition to the tool kit that targets road transport cargo crime and security.

This new version of the SSTPA will replace the existing voluntary SSTPA scheme which was produced following a comprehensive study into EU parking needs. The availability of EC funding, alongside the new SSTPA, will help the industry to invest in projects that improve conditions for drivers and increase truck parking capacity.

Whilst the capacity for secure truck parking will not meet demand for many years, this is a positive step forward, although industry experts estimates a shortfall of over 2,000 secure truck stops and over 400,000 parking bays in Europe.

Davies Turner remains deeply concerned by the lack of secure and affordable truck parking locations in the region and notes that theft from vehicle attacks on trucks – and, often, drivers – continue to represent the highest percentage (more than 60%) of cargo crime incidents reported to TAPA EMEA’s Incident Information Service (IIS).

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