Date Added: 3 August 2022

Move to new Customs Declaration System now or risk ‘significant delays’ to imports, warns HMRC

With our broad portfolio of Customs brokerage services, we note that HMRC has reiterated to British businesses that over 3,500 firms risk “significant delays” to their imports if they don’t move to the UK’s new Customs Declaration Service (CDS).

“There are now only two months left until businesses must use CDS for imports,” said Julie Etheridge, HMRC’s director of programme and operational delivery for borders and trade.

“Businesses need to move now or risk being unable to bring their goods into the UK,” she added.

Businesses that import goods should make sure that their customs agents are prepared to use the CDS ahead of the 30 September cut-off date for the old CHIEF system, HMRC advises.

After this date, CHIEF will not be available for import declarations.

“Registering takes time so businesses should start moving to the Customs Declaration Service to ensure a smooth transition and avoid disruption to their business,” the government department said.

Deputy director of the Institute of Export & International Trade’s academy, Vicky Payne said: “With the new changes coming into place, I would highly recommend that firms properly understand all the elements of a customs declaration in addition to having access to the relevant platforms and other preparations for CDS.

It is evident that traders will need to make several changes to adjust to the new system and Davies Turner has products and services in place to help you with key items to watch out for.

Some of the key items to look out for are:

  • The new “Data Element” fields for completing a declaration, which are restricted to specific formats rather than CHIEF’s “free text format”
  • A new dashboard that is available to monitor and manage declarations
  • CDS separates the customs procedure code into two parts - a four digit code combined with one of up to 99 three-digit additional procedure codes (APCs)
  • More detailed customs information is required moving forward

For exporters, CHIEF will run until 31 March 2023, when the system will fully close after more than 30 years’ service.

Further information and assistance is provided on the government website, including a CDS toolkit, import and export guides, and checklists.

HMRC is also contacting declarants by phone and email to inform them of the steps they need to take.

Previously, the department wrote to more than 220,000 business, urging them to switch over before the deadline.

For more information about Davies Turner’s Customs brokerage services, and how we can support traders to prepare for the switch over, please contact clearances@daviesturner.co.uk or visit https://www.daviesturner.com/specialist/customs-excise

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