Capable of processing millions of calculations at lightning speed, Route Monkey can heavily reduce the resource required to plan vehicle routes, employing a rich catalogue of complex algorithms to ensure that all customer requirements are considered such as timed booking slots, maximum permitted vehicle sizes, certain route obstructions or roadworks.

Together with Route Monkey, Davies Turner have been developing a solution, programming hundreds of parameters ensuring we extract the maximum efficiency from the software that will allow us to provide a stronger, more reliable and cost effective supply chain solution to our clients. We are currently on schedule to deploy our solution across all of our hubs simultaneously by mid-2017, working in conjunction with our countrywide feeder services and local delivery fleets to provide optimal delivery/collection services.

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Date Added: 12/09/2017 16:48:18

Budweiser Budvar distributes over 20,000 kegs per year to up to 100 delivery points.

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