While many businesses are aware of possible attacks on their premises and take precautions to avoid this, some do not take into account their operating systems and transport routes.

The aim of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation is to provide business with an internationally recognised quality mark which will indicate that their role in the international supply chain is secure and their customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. A business with AEO security and safety status implies that apart from being reliable in the traditional financial and Customs terms, the business is also compliant in respect of security and safety standards and can therefore be considered a reliable trading partner.

As one of the first companies in Europe to become accredited as a Full Authorised Economic Operator, Davies Turner worked closely with HM Revenue & Customs on the introduction of this European wide initiative. Since accreditation, Davies Turner has worked with a wide variety of companies, to assist them to develop their own AEO program and gain accreditation to this standard affecting all parts of the international supply chain.

Davies Turner’s unique approach ensures the companies we work with gain much from the process, above and beyond improved security and assurance for their customers.

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