AEO is an internationally recognised supply chain benchmark that assures your customers that your part of their supply chain is secure, your customs controls are compliant and effective, and that your business is financially secure.

One of the few areas of agreement regarding the post Brexit environment upon which most logistics professionals agree is that achieving Authorised Economic Operator  is likely to be important factor in being able to trade more freely than otherwise.

Additionally AEO is expected to be the foundation of the UK’s post-Brexit customs relationship with the EU, according to HM Government’s paper on the UK’s future relationship with the EU and AEO status is expected to help reduce the risk of delays at the post-Brexit border.

Advantages of AEO include:

  • Easier renewal or addition of Customs Authorisations and Approvals
  • Fast track service if there are delays at Customs controls
  • Improved Customs compliance
  • Reduced requirements for Customs entries
  • Reduced risk score, resulting in fewer physical and documentary checks
  • Reduction or waiver of the Customs Comprehensive Guarantee (CCG)
  • Improved supply chain security between supply chain partners
  • Mutual recognition worldwide    

As one of the first companies in Europe to become accredited as a Full Authorised Economic Operator, Davies Turner worked closely with HM Revenue & Customs on the introduction of this European wide initiative. Since accreditation, Davies Turner used its expertise in this area to work with a wide variety of companies, to assist them in developing their own AEO program and gaining accreditation.

Davies Turner’s unique approach ensures the companies we work with gain much from the process, above and beyond improved security and assurance for their customers.

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