Davies Turner are proud to operate the only direct dedicated weekly rail service for groupage and full load shipments from China to the UK, providing clients with a fast, secure and competitive option for moving freight, when ocean is too slow and air too expensive.

SERVICE   Our experienced and highly trained rail team will ensure the smooth movement of your cargo from quotation stage through to final delivery.  Groupage (LCL) services depart from Wuhan rail terminal, centrally located in the industrial heartland of China.  This strategic location offers fast and competitively priced transport links for our mainland China wide collection service, which is provided by our long term partner, Air Sea Transport.  

TRANSIT TIME   Our direct consol service from rail hub, China to our Dartford depot in the UK achieved an average transit time of just 22 days last year (2019), a significant transit time saving when compared to ocean, with the quickest transit time achieved being only 18 days. 2020 has already seen this transit record beaten, with our fastest transit to date being just 17 days!

FREIGHT RATE   Rail is a cost effective option when speed of shipment is required and can show savings of up to 70% in comparison to air freight (for those more familiar with per kilo rates, our rail freight rate equates to just USD 0.70 per kilo / 2000cm3), with the greatest reductions available for large, dense cargo.

Stable market conditions has seen rail freight rates at the same level for extended [periods of over 12 months, assisting clients to forecast with confidence, a boon for those used to the unpredictable Far East ocean market.  

ENVIRONMENT   With our need to be more aware of the environment and the impact that transporting goods long distances can have, rail again proves it's worth offering a greener, cleaner option in comparison to air, where it is calculated that a 40' container moving via rail with 20 tons of cargo would account for just 4% of the CO2 emissions it would take to move the same shipment by air.

CONTACT   For further information about our rail product please click here Express China Rail - full service information or get in touch with the team today to discuss your requirements.