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Davies Turner invests in freight software business

Date Added: 20 May 2024

Enhancing its existing freight management systems that have been developed in-house to date  

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Market panic triggers sharp surge in container rates

Date Added: 15 May 2024

Rates have reportedly hit a 20 month high, rising by 18.8%

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Asia Europe ocean trades - nightmare scenario?

Date Added: 9 May 2024

Continued sustained capacity demand, blank sailing programmes and a full-year outlook that offers no positive outlook  

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IATA: March air cargo volumes up 10%

Date Added: 7 May 2024

The trade body saw positive momentum for air cargo continuing in March as it became the fourth consecutive month of double-digit...

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Container shipping schedule reliability improves

Date Added: 3 May 2024

Wan Hai was the most reliable top-13 carrier in March with schedule reliability of 59.7 per cent

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No end in sight for Red Sea detours

Date Added: 2 May 2024

It all hinges on when geopolitical and military conflict in the region is resolved  

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WTO forecasts rebound in global trade

Date Added: 1 May 2024

WTO economists predict that the volume of world merchandise trade should increase by 2.6 percent in 2024

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Davies Turner wins five-year logistics contract from Lyle & Scott

Date Added: 1 May 2024

Iconic clothing and fashion brand, Lyle & Scott has selected Davies Turner Logistics to provide third party warehousing, and...

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New SPS controls

Date Added: 30 April 2024

The new rules covering SPS goods came into force from today

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Mixed signals on container freight rates as Red Sea alarm subsides

Date Added: 26 April 2024

Reports indicate a confusing rate scene, however, most of the latest indicators show a steady decline in rates 

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4 LCL Rail Services Per Week China-UK

Date Added: 18 April 2024

By offering more departures, we can provide an EVEN FASTER SERVICE!

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Davies Turner makes it '7UP' with another major logistics hub

Date Added: 17 April 2024

Davies Turner, the UK’s leading independent freight forwarding and logistics company, has opened its latest logistics...

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Hong Kong retains crown of world's busiest cargo airport

Date Added: 16 April 2024

ACI World reports that in 2023, HKIA handled 4.3 million tonnes of cargo, up 3.2% on 2022 but 9.9% below 2019

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Container line reliability improves

Date Added: 15 April 2024

The average global schedule reliability is, however, still only 53.3%

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Exciting News!

Date Added: 14 April 2024

Davies Turner has been nominated in not one, not two, but FOUR categories for this year's Multimodal Awards

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Red Sea Crisis: ITF issues report

Date Added: 10 April 2024

International Transport Forum has published a background paper on the impact of the Red Sea crisis on shipping, supply chains and...

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February saw 11.9% rise in air cargo, says IATA

Date Added: 9 April 2024

February’s demand growth of 11.9% far outpaced the 0.9% expansion in cross-border trade

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IATA seeks to put air cargo centre stage

Date Added: 4 April 2024

Direct General of IATA  offers his opinions on the background to air cargo within the aviation sector and makes some...

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Container shipping will face demand-supply challenges

Date Added: 2 April 2024

Once the Red Sea disruption has been resolved, weak “underlying” supply-demand fundamentals will materialise

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100 days of supply chain disruption in the Red Sea

Date Added: 25 March 2024

Sunday, 24 March 2024 marked the 100-day anniversary for what many regard as the start of the Red Sea crisis for international...

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Freight leaders call for Logistics Minister

Date Added: 20 March 2024

Trade associations urge political parties to appoint a dedicated minister for logistics with cross-departmental...

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Davies Turner welcomes plans for broader UK-Turkey FTA

Date Added: 14 March 2024

Davies Turner welcomes today’s news that the UK and Turkey have committed to negotiate an new Free Trade Agreement

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Our FMS (Freight Management System) just got better!

Date Added: 12 March 2024

Now including CO2 reporting to support your sustainability journey

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Non-alliance lines increase share on Asia-Europe trade

Date Added: 12 March 2024

Boxes shipped by companies on the trade lane outside the three mega alliances have jumped from 154,600 teu to 308,300 teu  

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Five percent drop in schedule reliability in January

Date Added: 7 March 2024

Only five of the top 13 carriers achieved a schedule reliability in January 2024 above the 50 per cent mark  

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18% increase in air cargo demand in January, says IATA

Date Added: 6 March 2024

The increase was attributed to rising e-commerce demand

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Changing landscape of container shipping alliances

Date Added: 5 March 2024

Recent changes in global container shipping alliances are set to alter the landscape for global shipping lines, irrespective of...

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Air cargo set for another challenging year

Date Added: 5 March 2024

Geo-political tensions are continuing to weigh heavily on global supply chains  

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TIACA survey reveals growing pressure on sustainability in air cargo

Date Added: 28 February 2024

We are mindful that a major talking point in the industry is sustainability  

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Red Sea crisis distorts container shipping market

Date Added: 23 February 2024

The shipping market idled fleet is now at its lowest level for more than 22 months at just 84 ships

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Davies Turner exhibits at Retail Supply Chain and Logistics Expo

Date Added: 22 February 2024

As the UK's leading logistics and freight forwarding company, we will be using the event to showcase our pioneering logistics...

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Red Sea update: fleet shortages and port congestion

Date Added: 21 February 2024

Today's Financial Times makes interesting reading for anyone using container shipping to manage their international supply...

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WorldACD Air Cargo reports Lunar New Year surge

Date Added: 19 February 2024

The extent to which this pre-LNY demand is influenced by disruptions and delays in container shipping in the Red Sea remains...

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Maersk says Red Sea vessel diversions could extend beyond second half of 2024

Date Added: 16 February 2024

Shippers will need to make sure they have longer overall transit times built into their supply chain  

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Davies Turner welcomes UK decision on container shipping rules

Date Added: 13 February 2024

If implemented, it will allow greater and ongoing scrutiny of consortia and alliances and ensure that the lines will be subject...

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Survey reveals extent of Red Sea modal shift

Date Added: 5 February 2024

Almost two thirds of shippers taking part in the survey said that they had switched a proportion of their shipments away...

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2023 final quarter demand drives air cargo higher

Date Added: 5 February 2024

Demand for the full year reached a level just slightly below 2022 and 2019

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Container line schedule reliability hit by Red Sea diversions

Date Added: 31 January 2024

Schedule reliability dropped to 56.8% in December 2023, the second lowest level seen in the year  

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Capacity in the European road freight market is normalising

Date Added: 30 January 2024

Data suggests a more balanced environment from a supply-and-demand perspective  

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Container rate surge slows as Chinese New Year approaches

Date Added: 30 January 2024

With the initial shock of the Red Sea crisis waning, container rate levels are seeing the expected levelling out prior to...

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International Customs Day 2024: Trade celebrates 'vital' role of customs workers

Date Added: 29 January 2024

It is an important day in international trade, reflecting the importance of customs professionals and their expertise to helping...

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Dangerous goods shipments by air: IATA and ICAO extend cooperation

Date Added: 23 January 2024

Long-standing cooperation on setting and implementing global standards for the safe carriage of dangerous goods by air extended

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Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd set up Gemini Cooperation

Date Added: 19 January 2024

The remaining liners of THE Alliance are left with few options in the wake of the departure of its largest member

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FIATA calls for global monitoring and coordination as Red Sea tensions intensify

Date Added: 18 January 2024

Amid sharp increases in freight rates, concerns are being raised on the extent of surcharges levied on both affected and...

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FMC to hold hearing on impact on shipping of Red Sea crisis

Date Added: 15 January 2024

With the U.S. and UK launching military strikes on Yemen, there are mounting concerns that the situation could result in...

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Record deliveries could push container fleet above 30 million teu in 2024

Date Added: 12 January 2024

The imbalance between supply and demand is set to widen, however, prolonged disruption in the Red Sea could tighten the...

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Air cargo demand up 8.3% in November

Date Added: 11 January 2024

Data released shows the strongest growth in November for airfreight in roughly two years

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Capacity shortages will fuel rate increases

Date Added: 11 January 2024

Freight rates are expected to surge further over the coming weeks as ships are filling up fast, leaving customers of shipping...

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Significant majority of container ships on Suez route now diverted

Date Added: 10 January 2024

Reports indicate that 4.56 million teu are currently being re-routed via the Cape of Good Hope

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Deja vu in container shipping

Date Added: 9 January 2024

Exporters to Asia are being hit with transit disruption surcharges and huge rate increases for new bookings

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Some optimism for airfreight after December demand and rates boost

Date Added: 4 January 2024

The predictability of air cargo means the industry stands to benefit from escalating international disruption

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Maersk halts Red Sea shipping until further notice

Date Added: 3 January 2024

The decision by the Danish shipping giant appears to extend a 48-hour pause implemented in the immediate aftermath of an attack.

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Spiralling ocean freight shipping rates become a reality

Date Added: 29 December 2023

Carriers impose emergency surcharges as they are required to detour around the Cape of Good Hope due to recent missile attacks in...

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Top ocean shipping stories of 2023: War, drought and detours

Date Added: 28 December 2023

This year has been one in which shipping, and the freight forwarders that rely on it, had to repeatedly change course

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Update: Red Sea shipping issues

Date Added: 22 December 2023

Extended transit times, emergency surcharges and port congestion are the effects shippers are facing due to the Red Sea diversion

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2023: A year of change and consultations for UK customs

Date Added: 21 December 2023

It has proved quite a year for updates to the control of the UK border

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Air cargo market: From ‘doom mongering’ to stability

Date Added: 19 December 2023

Whilst demand in the airfreight sector is still fragile, recovery is expected to strengthen in 2024

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Container shipping hit by Suez and Panama diversions

Date Added: 18 December 2023

With no sign of restrictions easing or an end to the Israel-Hamas war, more sailings are likely to divert to the Cape of Good...

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Davies Turner recognises excellence in freight journalism

Date Added: 13 December 2023

For the second year in succession Davies Turner has helped the Seahorse Freight Association to recognise best in class journalism...

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Davies Turner takes the Pledge to offer carbon emissions reporting

Date Added: 13 December 2023

This will allow Davies Turner to help its customers track, measure, report, and reduce the carbon footprint of their supply...

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Davies Turner offers point of origin quality control in Morocco

Date Added: 13 December 2023

Clients can access our tried-and-tested point of origin quality control and compliance procedures through the application of...

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Davies Turner tops the table as the UK's leading logistics service provider

Date Added: 12 December 2023

The achievement will give us confidence as we enter a new year, our 154th since we were established in 1870

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Air cargo spot rates and demand perk up in October

Date Added: 7 December 2023

Air cargo spot rates and demand perk up in October

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Maritime risks in Red Sea as ships are attacked

Date Added: 5 December 2023

OOCL ship is hit by a rocket 40 km from the Yemen coast, resulting in engine damage and the ship taking on water.

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European Services Christmas Schedule

Date Added: 5 December 2023

Helping you to plan your supply chain ahead of the holiday season

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EU ETS carbon emissions regulations: some thoughts

Date Added: 4 December 2023

Is the industry getting serious about its environmental responsibilities or is this just another initiative full of good...

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Sea-Intelligence says container line results drop to pre-Covid levels

Date Added: 29 November 2023

All major shipping lines that report on their financial figures have recorded sharp year-over-year revenue drops  

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Will 2024 see a return of classic seasonality in airfreight

Date Added: 28 November 2023

The rapid rate decline which started earlier this year has calmed down in recent months

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Drewry charts a course to an old normal in freight rates

Date Added: 27 November 2023

Year on year rates are shockingly extreme, with rates having fallen 43 per cent

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IMF upgrades projections for China's economic growth

Date Added: 23 November 2023

China's gross domestic product is expected to expand by 5.4 per cent in 2023 and 4.6 per cent in 2024

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Weather, volcanoes and wars put air freight capacity under pressure

Date Added: 21 November 2023

Mother nature appears to be helping to push up airfreight rates

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Welcome news on UK container shipping rules

Date Added: 20 November 2023

Recommendations have been made to lapse the Consortia Block Exemption Regulation (CBER) when it expires on 25 April 2024

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Reality of production nearshoring questioned

Date Added: 15 November 2023

Average sailing distances of containers imported into North America and Europe has increased compared to a pre-pandemic baseline

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Drewry updates on cancelled sailings

Date Added: 14 November 2023

53 cancelled sailings have been announced between weeks 46 and week 50

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Consultant says idle container ship fleet hits million teu

Date Added: 13 November 2023

A rise in both the number of commercially idled vessels and ships entering repair yards  

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Air cargo demand was sub-seasonal in October

Date Added: 8 November 2023

Global air cargo volumes and spot rates edged up marginally in October, but overall demand remained muted

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Schedule reliability improves, Maersk and Hamburg Süd top rankings

Date Added: 6 November 2023

In September, ten of the top fourteen carriers saw a month on month increase in schedule reliability score

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Boom time for the businesses that keep airlines flying

Date Added: 2 November 2023

Repair and maintenance specialists are reportedly working overtime as supply chain issues persist  

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Could containership overcapacity last to 2030 or beyond?

Date Added: 31 October 2023

Forecasts highlight that the container segment’s current level of overcapacity could take a minimum of four years to come...

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India set to overtake Japan as world’s third-largest economy

Date Added: 26 October 2023

The Indian economy has shown remarkable resilience and consistent growth throughout 2023

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Alphaliner says inactive containership fleet exceeds one million teu

Date Added: 20 October 2023

The global fleet of inactive containerships has experienced significant growth in recent weeks

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China's cargo and box volume at ports up in first eight months

Date Added: 17 October 2023

Throughput at ports was up year-on-year by 8.4%

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Container shipping lines to implement carbon emission surcharges in 2024

Date Added: 13 October 2023

Shipping lines are providing guidance on preliminary carbon pricing as European legislation aimed to reach carbon neutrality by...

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No solution to overcapacity in container shipping

Date Added: 13 October 2023

Capacity is expected to outgrow demand no matter what the carriers try

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Container Shipping faces period of uncertainty

Date Added: 12 October 2023

Loss of EU antitrust protection sends shockwaves throughout global supply chains

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First annual growth in year-on-year air cargo demand since February 2022

Date Added: 5 October 2023

1.5 per cent growth in air cargo demand has come as welcome news

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New UK & EU ban on Russian-origin iron & steel products

Date Added: 4 October 2023

Don't fall foul of new sanctions on Russian-origin iron and steel products

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2023 sees containerships moving at slowest speeds on record

Date Added: 3 October 2023

In February speeds reached a record low of 13.7 knots  

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Container freight rates to hit 2016 levels

Date Added: 2 October 2023

Overcapacity and stalling demand are driving container shipping rates to new lows  

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Over seven million teu moved by China-Europe trains in past decade

Date Added: 25 September 2023

Connecting 217 Chinese cities in 25 European countries, rail has proved a vital bridge for international economic and trade...

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Supply races ahead of demand in container shipping

Date Added: 15 September 2023

The supply/demand balance is hugely out of kilter

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Hong Kong: Asia's global gateway grows

Date Added: 14 September 2023

HKIA maintained its top-ranking position having handled 4.2 million tonnes of cargo

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Two thirds of container ships are on schedule

Date Added: 4 September 2023

Container schedule reliability has been above 60% for over six months, helped by a decline in volumes and continued blank...

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New campaign to boost UK-India trade

Date Added: 29 August 2023

The Department for Business and Trade hopes campaign will double UK trade with India by 2030

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Panama Canal delays have shippers mulling freight diversions

Date Added: 25 August 2023

Delays at the Panama Canal are now up to 15 days or more and likely to increase

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Soaring containership deliveries to push fleet growth says BIMCO

Date Added: 14 August 2023

The order book is in fact so large that ship deliveries are expected to exceed the previous full-year record of 1.7 million teu...

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Air cargo contraction eases in June

Date Added: 10 August 2023

It is hoped that the difficult trading conditions for air cargo will moderate as inflation eases in major economies 

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China-Europe freight trains total 10,000 trips so far this year

Date Added: 8 August 2023

All-weather capabilities, ample capacity, low-carbon footprint, and the assurance of smooth and secure services, makes rail a...

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Involved in cross trade supply chains outside the UK? Talk to us now

Date Added: 3 August 2023

Cross trade shipping provides a number of benefits, including lower costs and faster transit times

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Davies Turner named as one of the UK's Top 30 logistics providers

Date Added: 1 August 2023

Now in its sixth year, the highly anticipated Top 30 Logistics Service Providers list highlights organisations, which are...

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New guidelines to boost air cargo security

Date Added: 31 July 2023

New guidelines to boost air cargo security

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HMRC Notification

Date Added: 27 July 2023

CDS not collecting Duty Deferment account funds for specific declarations

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Davies Turner welcomes plans for broader UK-Türkiye FTA

Date Added: 18 July 2023

UK and Türkiye have committed to negotiate an updated Free Trade Agreement (FTA) designed to deepen the trade relationship...

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2023 peak season set to be subdued

Date Added: 7 July 2023

Reports suggesting that the container shipping market is stabilising are making interesting reading

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IATA says air cargo trading conditions are still challenging

Date Added: 6 July 2023

The second half of the year, however, should bring some improvements  

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Three year high for schedule reliability

Date Added: 4 July 2023

Schedule reliability has increased to 66.8 percent, which is a marked improvement, although it has not yet at pre-pandemic levels...

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Container shipping is now “maxed out” claims leading shipping analyst

Date Added: 3 July 2023

Twenty years ago the global fleet capacity was 6m TEU, it now stands at around 26m TEU and is still rising  

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Celebrating National Logistics Day

Date Added: 28 June 2023

National Logistics Day is an occasion to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the logistics industry

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Container export dwell time at Chinese ports falls

Date Added: 27 June 2023

Whilst dwell times for China's exports has remained consistent since March, the import dwell times have been gradually...

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Container line reliability keeps improving, but at slower rate

Date Added: 22 June 2023

While reliability has improved from historic lows, the strength of the improvement has weakened with each subsequent month

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Ready for change?

Date Added: 22 June 2023

Find out all you need to know about the Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS) which came into effect on 19th June 2023 

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German road tolls to double

Date Added: 21 June 2023

Road transport in Germany is facing a drastic increase in the HGV motorway toll charge

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Capacity grows on Asia-Europe trade as megaships start deliveries

Date Added: 13 June 2023

But the new capacity is coming into play in a heavily oversupplied container shipping market with little certainty in demand

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Airline profitability outlook strengthens

Date Added: 6 June 2023

IATA has announced an expected strengthening of airline industry profitability in an upgrade of its outlook for 2023.

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Analyst says there is no clear link between slow-steaming and schedule reliability

Date Added: 5 June 2023

Lars Jensen, CEO & Partner, Vespucci Maritime, writing in the Journal of Commerce, states there is no clear link between...

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Report issued on containers lost at sea

Date Added: 24 May 2023

There is positive news that 2022 saw a reduction in the number of containers lost at sea, but there is no time for...

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China-Europe freight train services expand in first four months

Date Added: 23 May 2023

609,000 teu of goods were transported, up 32 percent from a year ago  

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Balancing act

Date Added: 19 May 2023

Deploying extra containerships on a liner service does not automatically mean more slots for shippers

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Air cargo demand falls back below pre-Covid levels in March

Date Added: 11 May 2023

While the trading environment is tough, there is some good news

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Container lines improve schedule reliability, again

Date Added: 10 May 2023

Great news as reliability continues to increase, up by over 26% year-over-year

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Exporting to Canada? Save time and money

Date Added: 9 May 2023

Our weekly LCL service to Canada is the fast, efficient and flexible option

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Evergreen lines up multi-billion dollar containership orders

Date Added: 2 May 2023

The Taiwan shipping line has released a tender for twenty four 16,000 teu vessels

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Europe's new plan for improvements for truckers is welcome

Date Added: 25 April 2023

The aim is to impose binding deadlines on construction and opening of safe and secure parking sites 

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Calls for stronger data governance in supply chains

Date Added: 24 April 2023

A Charter to set out the minimum arrangements for data security and confidentiality 

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We have made the shortlist!

Date Added: 19 April 2023

We are delighted that Davies Turner has been shortlisted for the Multimodal 2023 Rail Freight Company of the Year Award.

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Global air cargo demand stabilises with rates holding firm

Date Added: 18 April 2023

Despite a market softening in the last 12 months, early 2023 worldwide revenues remain the third-highest in the last 15...

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Container Shipping Outlook: The Asia-Europe Trade

Date Added: 12 April 2023

The uncertainty over space during 2022 has given way to uncertainty about demand

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Davies Turner scores health and safety hat trick

Date Added: 11 April 2023

The latest award, along with our other certifications, adds to our list of achievements in the field of...

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Container lines improve schedule reliability

Date Added: 7 April 2023

Global schedule reliability in February 2023 reached 60.2% - an increase by 7.7 percentage points

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Container shipping predicted to remain profitable despite downturn

Date Added: 5 April 2023

The container shipping industry is predicted to make USD3.2 billion for 2023

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Austrian partner kick starts international bicycle campaign

Date Added: 4 April 2023

Our long term partner, Gebruder Weiss, has set the challenge to to cycle around the world seven times, whilst contributing to the...

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Bearish demand hits container prices and leasing rates

Date Added: 31 March 2023

It is estimated that container overcapacity currently amounts to between three and five million teu

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Container line profits exceed all records

Date Added: 30 March 2023

Experts have estimated the liner sector made an EBIT of USD208 billion last year

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European road freight capacity jumps to a two-year-high

Date Added: 28 March 2023

Available capacity in the European market has been on an upward trajectory since May 2022  

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Era of big box ships begins

Date Added: 27 March 2023

This comes however as the industry continues to idle vessels due to low demand

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Bumpy ride ahead for air cargo

Date Added: 17 March 2023

Analysts are advising airfreight operators to buckle their seat belts

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MSC takes delivery of world’s largest container ship

Date Added: 14 March 2023

The ultra large container ship has a capacity of 24,116 teu

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Ocean carriers will use multiple tools to cut slot supply

Date Added: 13 March 2023

They will do everything in their powers to “control redundant capacity”

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The Windsor Framework - new Customs agreement for Northern Ireland

Date Added: 2 March 2023

An agreement in principal has been reached

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DT makes the most of EU procedures to minimise the impact of Brexit

Date Added: 7 February 2023

Our DDP solution is helping customers maintain flow of products and speed of service

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Customs Declaration Service (CDS) EXPORT - Current timescale advise

Date Added: 3 February 2023

Important information for exporters

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At the double!

Date Added: 13 December 2022

New twice weekly rail departure from China

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Davies Turner recognises journalistic excellence

Date Added: 12 December 2022

Sponsoring Overland Journalist of the Year category, Alan Williams, presented the award.

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New rail record!

Date Added: 25 November 2022

China to the UK in just 16 days!

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NEW export service to India!

Date Added: 21 November 2022

Fast, efficient and cost effective

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Davies Turner reaps rewards from haulage alliance

Date Added: 10 November 2022

A haulage alliance between Davies Turner and Transport Equipment Services Ltd (TES) is proving to be a wise and mutually...

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We are looking better than ever!

Date Added: 28 October 2022

To celebrate 30 years at our purpose built freight hub in Dartford we have just completed a major renovation project

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Export China Rail - better than ever!

Date Added: 13 October 2022

Reduced rates and fast transit times make our export rail service a great choice for shippers

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Davies Turner rewards staff, recognising the economic challenges they face

Date Added: 21 September 2022

Davies Turner is distributing 20% of the profits made in its last financial year to every qualifying member of staff that was in...

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Date Added: 3 August 2022

Move to new Customs Declaration System now or risk ‘significant delays’ to imports, warns HMRC

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New regulation for the carriage of dangerous goods

Date Added: 1 August 2022

Requirement for consignor only companies to appoint a DGSA no later than 31st Dec 22  

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Trading with Sri Lanka? Speak with us first

Date Added: 29 June 2022

The political and economic turmoil in Sri Lanka is prompting some shipping lines to detour to Indian ports  

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Government support needed to make transport of lithium batteries even safer

Date Added: 22 June 2022

IATA has long called for governments to step-up enforcement of safety regulation for the transport of lithium batteries

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Davies Turner announces another major logistics hub

Date Added: 20 June 2022

Davies Turner has acquired a new development site in the English Midlands and will build a 140,000 sq ft  multi-user...

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Customs Declaration Service (CDS) - Action required

Date Added: 6 April 2022

HMRC is gradually introducing the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), the long-term replacement for the current Customs Handling...

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FIT alliance formed to make future trade more efficient

Date Added: 16 February 2022

The organisations aim at standardising the digitalisation of international trade.

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50,000th intermodal train leaves China for Europe

Date Added: 11 February 2022

The popularity of the China rail service has seen figures more than doubling year on year

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IRU reports European road freight rates hit new record

Date Added: 7 February 2022

Rising fuel costs and the ongoing driver shortage have helped push up road freight costs and rates across Europe.

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Davies Turner’s Express China rail freight service to the UK is getting back on track!

Date Added: 17 January 2022

Based on the arrivals into the UK over the last four weeks, the dedicated rail service is achieving an average 29-day transit time

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Davies Turner is cautiously optimistic over trader compliance with new import rules

Date Added: 11 January 2022

The new rules and regulations have proved to be less chaotic than expected

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Claiming preferential rates of duty on EU imports from January 2022

Date Added: 15 December 2021

Information and support for the changes coming into force from 1.1.22

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Davies Turner leaps up table of Top 30 UK logistics providers

Date Added: 21 September 2021

Davies Turner has jumped seven places to 21st in the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s prestigious league...

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Davies Turner Air Cargo flying high

Date Added: 11 August 2021

Freighter operators top IATA's cargo airlines league table

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Cross Trade - save time and money

Date Added: 5 August 2021

Davies Turner can help you capitalise on globalisation opportunities

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Partnership boosts Davies Turner’s Anglo-Dutch freight services

Date Added: 5 July 2021

Davies Turner’s business in the Benelux region has gone from strength-to-strength since starting a daily trailer service...

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Davies Turner strikes gold for health and safety

Date Added: 22 June 2021

Health and Safety standards that are in place across the Davies Turner Group have landed it with an internationally-recognised...

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Davies Turner reveals a winning hand with new customs suites

Date Added: 22 January 2021

Davies Turner, the UK’s leading independent freight forwarder, has opened a new, state-of-the-art customs services floor at...

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Davies Turner names new head of ocean freight services

Date Added: 25 November 2020

Davies Turner has promoted Tony Cole to Head of Ocean to lead on its ocean freight forwarding services, building on his previous...

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Date Added: 27 October 2020

Davies Turner, one of the UK’s largest independent freight forwarding companies,  was approached by Her...

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Davies Turner leaps up Sunday Times PwC Top Track 250 league table

Date Added: 28 September 2020

Davies Turner Plc, the long-established international freight and logistics company, has jumped 42 places to 119th position in...

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Davies Turner’s Express China rail freight service now goes direct to UK regions

Date Added: 4 August 2020

Bookings on its weekly fixed-day rail consol service from China to the UK continue to increase, so Davies Turner is adding UK...

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Davies Turner Group gains environmental certification - ISO14001:2015

Date Added: 3 August 2020

The Environmental Management System in place at four of the Davies Turner Group’s regional distribution centres in the UK...

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150th birthday celebrations: Postponed, not cancelled

Date Added: 19 June 2020

This weekend, the UK's largest independently owned freight forwarding and logistics group, was due to celebrate its 150th...

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CILT names us as one of its Top 30 UK logistics providers

Date Added: 14 May 2020

We are proud to announce we are listed in the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport's Top 30 logistics providers in...

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Davies Turner helps Hunter Boot Ltd to protect London Ambulance Service

Date Added: 5 May 2020

Davies Turner has handled the shipment of a large consignment of products donated by Hunter Boot Ltd for the London Ambulance...

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Davies Turner’s Express China Rail Service smashes records

Date Added: 3 April 2020

Davies Turner reports that its direct, fixed-day, weekly rail import service from China to the UK, which re-commenced in...

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Davies Turner wins freight industry 'Oscar'

Date Added: 17 January 2020

The British International Freight Association’s (BIFA) Freight Service Awards have been organised annually for over 30...

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John Adams returns to the DT family

Date Added: 26 February 2019

We welcome John Adams to our Ocean Management Team this week. John returns to the Davies Turner family following 6 years at MSC....

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