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Date Added: 5 August 2021

Despite all the hype about the near-shoring of manufacturing and procurement as a result of Covid-19, globalisation is not going away.

Advances in technology have brought markets and countries closer together, creating a more integrated global economy, opening up new business opportunities. 

If you are one of the increasing numbers of UK companies that are taking advantage by sourcing products and manufacturing opportunities outside of the UK and then directly trading with the rest of the world, take a look at our cross trade operations.

Davies Turner’s dedicated cross trade teams offer insight and support with the management of the supply chains that underpin this trend to globalisation, helping you achieve your business goals.

You can trust our specialist multimodal cross trade teams to help you when you need to move cargo between two points on the globe without it either leaving or entering the UK.

We have teams of specialists throughout our UK hubs providing you with a local contact with the know-how and experience to manage your cross trade shipments, seamlessly and effectively.

We provide a complete range of multimodal freight cross trade services, for full loads and part loads moved by ocean, air or overland trailer.

A major benefit of utilising our cross trade services is lower supply chain costs, as they eliminate all UK transit costs, such as freight, duties and taxes.

Furthermore, we enable faster transit times for your commodities by avoiding the need to transit through the UK, which again adds to cost savings.

By ensuring that product and stock is closer to the final destination, our cross trade operations can help you to improve the efficiency of your supply chains.

Matt Danks Birmingham 01675 436063
Laszlo Daranyi Bristol 01179 802429
Billy Spry Dartford 01322 283356
Kevin McLean Glasgow 01236 850605
Michelle Williams Manchester 01618 734902
Andrew Ford Rotherham 01709 529709
Corinne Sawyer Southampton 02380 294611

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