BREXIT - Update (Monday 25th March 2019)

Developments concerning Brexit are changing daily, and it seems there are more options on the table than ever before, including two new possible dates upon which we may leave the European Union.

Since the timetable has shifted, and we will not now leave the EU this coming Friday 29th March, previous information concerning a change to our departure schedules this week can be discounted, and we will operate ‘business as normal’

Concerning preparations, we will use any extra time to refine our Brexit readiness plans, and urge our customers and suppliers to do the same. It is essential to continue to plan for a ‘no deal’ Brexit, which could come as soon as the 12th April.

Our advice is constant, and those wishing to Import from or Export to Europe should follow a number of simple steps, which if completed enables Davies Turner to handle your business against optimum timeframes and in compliance with expected new rules and procedures

  1. Act now: If you do not have an active EORI this will be needed for Customs Clearance, Import or Export. We cannot collect or move your goods 'post Brexit' if we are not in receipt of this. Its free to apply and currently takes just a few days. All customers without an EORI number must apply now at
  2. Act now: Establish the Customs commodity codes and incoterms for your goods. This will allow you to apply the correct rate and amount of Duty and keep you compliant with HMRC
  3. Act now: Complete our letter of empowerment - Download the document for completion


Commercial invoices will be mandatory for each shipment, and must contain

  • Importers details
  • Exporters details
  • Packing details (or packing list)
  • Weight
  • Sales value and currency
  • Incoterms
  • Country of origin
  • EORI number
  • Commodity Codes
  • Complete our letter of empowerment


Why Davies Turner ?
  • Davies Turner is uniquely placed to use the existing customs clearance skills and systems that support over 100 trucks per week to and from Turkey & North Africa among our non EU specialist  services.
  • Alongside our trailer services Davies Turner is one of the largest Sea freight groupage operators, handling clearances at every site.
  • We already use a variety of ferry routes and ports by road.
  • Our UK depots are approved for customs clearance allowing us to by-pass congestion within the ports and proceed for clearance by the Davies Turner Clearance team inland.
  • In 2010 Davies Turner were among the first to be awarded AEO status, we are therefore experienced in operating in a “trusted trader” environment.
  • Existing Clearance and Operations Teams are being bolstered with a nationwide recruitment plan, and in preparation with our award winning IT teams, including software and infrastructure.

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