We know that providing a swift, accurate report, often supported with photographs detailing the results of the quality control check, is crucial in order to feed back to the suppliers and ensure customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on ensuring that customers are completely happy with all levels of quality control.

COMPREHENSIVE AND TAILORED We ensure we work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs as we recognise the importance of the highest levels of quality control. Our quality control checks are therefore comprehensive and carried out in line with our customer’s specific requirements and needs.

TRACEABILITY Davies Turner provide a full audit trail of stock despatched and have options for both batch lot and serial number capture to allow for full traceability. Allowing for feedback to suppliers of any reported quality issues and for speedy and efficient stock recall if required.  

REPORTING we offer full reporting and photographic records detailing results of quality checks. We also have the ability to quickly and efficiently isolate and systemically lock any stock identified with quality issues.